Hello!  After dreaming for years to have a chihuahua, in September of 2002 I bought my beloved Scriccioin the Sweet Indeed Kennel of Mrs Federica Depau. Actually I just wanted a pet dog but since my dog was so lovely started to show it is in Italy and abroad. Attending the shows, the best breeders and reading everything that was available on the breed deepened my knowledge and I fell in love and closer to the Chihuahua. Meanwhile, my little big Scriccio concluded both the Italian and International Championship giving me a great satisfaction. I got my affix "Tiny Oro" in 2009 and since 2012 I am a ENCI breeder memberand I hope in time I give my little contribution to the breed, for us is crucial the welfare of our Chihuahuas that are part of our family, to each of them are given due attention and the best care and occasionally they give us a satisfaction in expo or a beautiful litter but the greatest joy is to have them always close to us to rejoice in the days. I share my passion with my sister Domiziana,  thank her for her great help.  

I thank Ms. Federica Depau primarily thanks to which (or whose guilty;)) everything is started, Mrs & Mr Tuula Lehtinen-Cochetti and Francesco Cochetti and Mr Francesco Di Paola Nuzzo and Paolo Tartaro for having made available their excellent selection work.

Marzia Miodini